Island Dreams Hotel

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Dream Island, Paradise Oasis, Pacific Ocean

The highly profitable hotel of a world-class brand, located on one of the planet's most desirable islands. Island dreams hotel comprises 314 lodge-style retreats alongside some of the most prized eating destinations of the region.

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Island Dreams Hotels

Like most fantasies, the Island Dreams Hotels originated from a place of longing: a desire for lifestyle hotels brimming with ultra-modern, forward-thinking amenities. A line of boutique establishments emerged, where the line between stay and play is blurry at best. Island Dreams Hotels has now embraced the blockchain, and you can buy into the fantasy.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

- Island Dreams Hotels
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Highly Profitable Hotel

$185m Valuation

CBRE gave the hotel an ‘as is’ valuation of $185 million as of June 2018: find the full appraisal under Due Diligence.

Stable Cash Flow

Island Dreams Hotels earns income from operations, restaurants, and nightlife: three revenue streams that ensure stable cash flow.

COVID Bounceback

The hotel has a robust COVID bounceback strategy, targeting >46% occupancy by Q4 2020: find full details under Due Diligence.

Island Dreams Hotels comprises 314 rooms averaging 295 sq/ft in size, three restaurants seating over 200 diners, and four nightlife facilities: one of which is one of the world’s top-grossing nightclubs — while each leisure facility contributes significant rent and NOI to hotel revenues.


Bouncing Back

Operations In The New Normal

Island Dreams Hotel has enjoyed historically high occupancy. The global pandemic has impacted the industry. However, the phased reopening of air travel is rapidly returning life to a new normal. And Island Dreams Hotel's diverse revenue streams make it more resilient than most operations in the region.

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Forecast Occupancy
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Restaurant, nightlife, meeting space


2018 Revenue


2018 As-Is Value


Projected Dividend


Projected ROI

For a full insight into Island Dreams Hotel, see Elitium Capital’s comprehensive due diligence reports. If you have any questions, email

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